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I don’t know if Deppey came up with it but he can take a lot of credit for being at the center of it last year. The Comic Journal’s blog was a heathly source of news on all kinds of comics every weekday. But now, what?

TCJ editorship changes hands, Journalista! goes on temporary hiatus
(The Comics Journal) Milo George, managing editor of The Comics Journal, was fired yesterday evening by Gary Groth over — this is as close as I’ll come to terminology acceptable to both parties — “professional and interpersonal differences with management.” Yes, those are weasel words. I’d feel more comfortable going into further detail if I’d been closer to the fireworks that led to the final straw, but I wasn’t. His replacement has already been selected: one Mr. Dirk Deppey.

First of all, questions. Do you have to have a clever-sounding name to work at TCJ? Personnel changes at TCJ are way off any Comixpedia beat. Still I suppose we aspire to be to webcomics as TCJ is to comics (those parts of TCJ that we like anyhow). Although C/P is probably TCJ, Wizard and Diamond all rolled into one for webcomics at this point. I will probably subscribe to TCJ now just to see what Deppey does with it. Yes, I liked Journlista! that much over the last year.

Second, I was working on an article about blogs that talk about comics, webcomics and otherwise. Pre-second server disaster I had actually started interviewing a round of bloggers and had gotten some good responses. Most of those folks may or may not read C/P so I’ve no idea of how my spare time schedule got throughly disrupted this month. Still I hope to finish a draft of it this weekend and press upon KJC and Damonk to throw it into the February schedule. I have had so much unforseen stuff come up with websites this year that I have half a dozen articles for C/P underway and none of them finished.

Anyhow, subscribing to TCJ. Check. Now a question for you, the readers: Do you think Comixpedia should advertise in TCJ (the print magazine and/or the website?) My sense is no – it’s readers still dismiss webcomics as inferior. But maybe I’m wrong and we could alert a new audience to Comixpedia and what it covers. What do you think?


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