Comix Talk for April 14, 2011

WEBCOMIC: Found a new webcomic today. I really liked the archives for My Boyfriend Is A Monster by Evonne Tsang and Janina Görrissen.  It's actually a graphic novel coming out this Spring from publisher Graphic Universe, but they're posting it online — one new page daily — until the book is out.

WEBCOMIC: Dov Torbin writes that his The Revolution Will Be Televised webcomic is now publishing weekly at ACT-I-VATE.  It's a first hand account of the recent Egyptian revolution and tells the story of two American travelers who, through clouds of tear gas, watch a country evolve and find themselves altered by the experience.

CATS: Emily K writes that she's "been in a dead end job for a year, and before that was unemployed. Though it's nice to have a job, my education as an artist is utterly unneeded there. So I decided to start a webcomic."  I can get behind that.  Her goal? "To post one drawing every single day for 1 year. By the end of the year, I'd have enough to make a calendar."  Hmm – well that's actually interesting as a print artifact, I'm not sure I've seen a webcomic turned into one of those 365days-style desk calendars.  Emily explains that she's been posting for 100 days to her webcomic, Places You Find Cats: Where Every Day is Caturday.  They're actually cute drawings and they do have text so they're probably comics, but they don't really feel like comics, more like illustrations.  Either way if you like cats you'll probably enjoy checking it out.


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