Comix Talk for August

August is going to be even lighter than usual, posting-wise.  Here's some of the news this week:



  • A lot of well-deserved hype this week for Maritza Campos' new project – Power Nap.  An interesting premise – it's about a world where a drug has removed the need for sleep from humans, but unfortunately for our protagonist, he's allergic to the drug.  Art is by Bachan who has a great style that complements Campos' outlandish, and often frentic style of story.
  • The comic-in-progress The Chairs Hiatus by Matthew Bogart is really good!

HIATUS AND GOODBYE:  Otis Frampton posted that he will return to updating Escape From Nowhere in September.  I wouldn't normally post about something that far out, but Otis' webcomic showed a lot of promise as a fun action adventure story.

BUSINESS TIME: Great article on the webcomics entrepreneurs in the Boston newspaper.

OPINIONATIN':  Reuben Bolling nails another one — TOM THE DANCING BUG: Great Moments in American Political Negotiation and Compromise.

COVER BAND: Definitely looking forward to Calamity Jon's DC Fifty-TOO! project. Jon's a great dude and has organized impressive group blog efforts before (check out CORNERED for one)


  • This week marked 8 years of Jeph Jacques' Questionable Content webcomic. Congrats!
  • We're just about to the end of Warren Ellis' FreakAngels. What do you think?


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