Comix Talk for December 1, 2010

MILESTONE: Little Gamers hits 10 years.  Also Krishna Sadasivam looks back on 10 years of his webcomic PC Weenies.  I'd still love to see more recollections on your experience this decade in webcomics.

REVIEW: El Santo gives Hanna is Not a Boy's Name 4 stars. Despite the name, the comic sounds like the offspring of Quentin Tarantino and Twilight.  And Sean Kleefeld reviews Havoc, the sequel to Chris Wooding's text-comic hybrid novel Malice.

HYPE: Critic Sean T. Collins is writing the new webcomic Destructor.  Check out Sean's work with collaborator Matt Wiegle here.

TOOLS COPYRIGHT: The online tech series Tekzilla hypes the Comical program for reading webcomics.  Unfortunately this is another one of those grab-only-the-image file type of programs. I was kind of surprised that Tekzilla co-host Veronica Belmont made no mention of any possibility of copyright issues at all.  

MAILBAG: Luke writes that his older brother Adam Whitely has recently launched a website for his comic adaptation of the ancient text The Ramayana. Adam has posted a lengthy preview of the work which he intends to publish as a full length graphic novel.  He is still unpublished and unsigned.  Check it out – what do people think of the preview?  From a quick perusal, there's a lot of interesting artwork in there, but my familiarity with the story is limited to Nina Paley's Sita Sings the Blues (and resulting conversations with folks more knowledgeable about the saga).


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