Comix Talk for December 2, 2010


DEAD TREES: Tom DellAringa writes that his sci-fi and humor comic Marooned – A Space Opera in the Wrong Key! is now taking pre-orders for a second book "Mars Wars." The book collects the second year of strips, and two bonus stories, including the origin of Captain John and his sidekick Asimov. In addition there are great illustrations and "Sunday Comics" (1-2 page Marooned comics) by guest artists like Ramon Perez of Kukuburi and Mike Maihack of Cleopatra in Space

ONE FEWER HOLIDAY SHOPPING DAYS LEFT: I09 offers its list of 10 graphic novels that would make good gifts.  Also always worth looking at is The Comic Reporter's gift guide.  Any other quality lists worth linking to?

BUSINESS: Cory Doctorow links to Jeff Price's essay series on life today as an independent artist (bottom line — it's better opportunities for most than ever).  I often tend to see parallels between comics and music — I usually find reading about music reveals something applicable to comics as well.

INTERVIEW: GraphicNYC has an interview with Frank Miller.   Robot6 has an interview with Mike Jasper and Niki Smith of the webcomic In Maps and Legends, and an interview with Brian Clevinger of 8-bit Theater fame who is writing a Captain America story.


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