Comix Talk for Ex-Presidents Day

At Comixtalk HQ, we spent yesterday in serious contemplation of the contributions presidents have made to America.  Er, well I did play Fallout 3 which does have a post-Apocalyptic robot president.

BUSINESS: Tom Spurgeon uses a Lewis Trondheim series to illustrate why he thinks the comic book pamphlet format is dead for alt-comix.

CRAFT: John Allison has some interesting thoughts on what he would have done differently with his Scary Go Round comic based on what he's learned since.

MARKETING: Do ads that pick up on the specific content of the webcomic work better? Dunno but Lauren Davis catches David Willis being funny with Penny & Aggie.  Jeph Jacques takes a turn with it too.

HYPE: Comic Alliance has a preview of the webcomic-creator created Strange Tales 2 from Marvel.  Weird, funny takes on classic superheroes.  And from the ComixTALK blogs, Gail Scott, Space Pilot by Mark Toner starts this Thursday.

MCBOOKS: Just a thought – I probably should see if there are any good deals at Borders while it's closing up some of its mega-stores.  Susie Cagle draws a comic about it.

COPYFIGHT:  This short video with Neil Gaiman on why he doesn't stress so much about online piracy of his books is interesting mostly because it's Neil Gaiman but also he's got a point:


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