Comix Talk for Friday, July 2, 2010

That's what she said?  Did I miss the memo?

THIS DAY IN COMIXTALK:  A probably not all that popular feature I've done from time to time (usually on Fridays) is "This Day in ComixTalk".  How about instead I just spotlight some great articles from our archives.  Today, take a look Calamity Jon Morris' comic contributions: the two part Plea For Hand-Lettering series (one and two) and 16 Panels That I Don't Think Work All That Well.

WANT: I would pay to see a Steampunk version of Ghostbusters:

ZUDAMANIA:  Yes DC is shutting down Zuda.  How much was the "Zuda" brand worth though, do you think?  DC also has an amazing record with creating new imprints, doesn't it?

HYPEY McHYPESON: Yes Clay, Star Trek jokes are a good way to get a traffic bump. But it was funny so all is forgiven.

NOT WEBCOMICS: Graham Annable, creator of Grickle has a video-game out from Telltale Games called Puzzle Agent.  It definitely looks like Annable has transplanted his visual sense to the game.


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