Comix Talk for Friday, May 21, 2010

Journalin Comix by Joe Hunter

You can all go home now because Joe Hunter give you EVERY WEBCOMIC EVER.  His Journalin Comix is pretty funny – worth checking out.

KICK START MY ART: Max Huffman does the webcomic called Mocktopus and he needs a new computer because his laptop died.  Pledge some money, get a sketch – help Huffman keep making comics.

Hypin' the Hype: Evil Diva is about an average 12 year old girl who is also a devil.  So being good and nice? Kind of a problem.  This comic's been up for awhile (archives back to 2008) but escaped my notice before.  Cute and funny comic.

Naughty By NatureFilthy Figments launches in less then 2 weeks and boasts an impressive line-up of artists: GINA BIGGS, Creator of Red String, ROBIN EDWARDS, Creator of Cardboard Angel, JENNIE BREEDEN, Creator of The Devil's Panties, KITTYHAWK, Creator of Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki, MEGAN GEDRIS, Creator of Yu+Me, and TSUKIYONO, Creator of Patches.  WARNING – even the preview splash page up now is NSFW so click carefully.  (Also of interest – it looks like the site is owned by Strawberry Comics, LLC, which is Gina Biggs corporate alter ego.)

Sex, RPG & Superheroes: Ryan Sohmer is launching a third webcomic, this one poking fun at superheroes.  Longtime Sohmer collaborator, Lars DeSouza is serving as art director with the actual art to be done by a rotating crew of artists.


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