Comix Talk for Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Friday – I'm still working on finishing up the video interviews I did at SPX and Intervention plus I have a stack of books to review now.  In the meantime here's some interesting stories from today:

iWEBCOMICS: How important are apps going to be to the future of comics? This story suggests people may not be using all of the apps (not just comics) that they download.

BUSINESS: The Webcomics Marketing website lists a lot of recommendations for possible printing needs.  Looks like it's worth bookmarking.

COPYRIGHT: If you're at all interested in copyright and how it evolves in tandem with technology check out Lewis Hyde’s new book Common as Air.  There's a review here at the New York Times.  Sort of on a similar tack, check out this post at TechDirt on how much material is missing from the public domain because of countries habit of continually expanding and extending copyrights.

DEAD TREES: Gordon McAlpin's Multiplex is in the last day of a pre-order book drive.  So nudge nudge — get over there if you were thinking about getting the book at some point.

ALL AGES: Lots of folks linking to the serialization on the web of the comic The New Brighton Archeological Society.  I hadn't read it before but from what I see it looks great and is pitched at all ages.  Brigid Alverson has an interview with one of the creators, Mark Andrew Smith.


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