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Still reporting live from the Far East on the other side of the International Date Line. It does havoc to your schedule to be 12 hours away from your home time zone.  Anyhow I'm going to catch up on comics stuff you've probably already read about but if you've been preoccupied this week too or if you just can't bear not to miss my 60 cents (that's only 2 US cents though) than here we go!

Brigid Alverson has links to more people talking about the end of contests at Zuda. The contests were always a gimmick, the real question should be what's DC's plan for online publication of comics?  Does it remain committed to it's indie experiment (i.e., Zuda) and when, if ever, does it leverage its existing titles?  You know what was cool for me earlier this year?  Watching the teevee show LOST online because there was a huge backlog of archives and I knew it was going to get finished.  In that sense it was like finding a great multiyear webcomic that had an ending in sight.  You know what doesn't have a satisfying beginning, online backlog and ending in sight?  DC and Marvel "mainstream" comics titles…

BUSINESS: Lauren Tiffany has an article on webcomic artists making a living at AOL Business News.  With some coverage of Chris Onstad and Brad Guigar, good sources for working la vida webcomica. 

CRAFT: Webcomic Builder has a post on how to script a comic.

DEAD TREES: Shaenon Garrity has some advice for you with five things to know before you publish your first comic.

AWARDS: I got a press release from Comic-Con announcing that submissions are now being accepted for the 27th annual Russ Manning Promising Newcomer Award. Started in 1982 as a joint presentation of Comic-Con International and the West Coast Comics Club, this award honors a comics artist who, early in his or her career, shows a superior knowledge and ability in the art of creating comics.  More details after the jump…

To qualify for the award, an artist must be a newcomer to the comic field, having had no professional work published prior to January 2008. Exceptions to this rule are:

1. Work done as an unaccredited assistant to another artist
2. Fanzine publications
3. Small press with a print run of 2000 or less
4. A one shot in a new talent anthology comic

In the spirit of revered artist Russ Manning (Tarzan, Star Wars, Magnus Robot Fighter), the most important criteria for selection are storytelling ability, clarity of expression and narrative flow, and illustrative flow. Writing is not a consideration except in a tie. A nominee from last year may be resubmitted if he or she meets the criteria.

Submissions should be sent to: Gene Henderson, Russ Manning Award, 150 S. James, Orange, CA 92869. Submissions must be in the hands of the award committee no later than May 19.

If the artist’s work is a small press run or not widely circulated, it would be advisable to include a sample of his or her work. (Last year several entries had to be dropped due to lack of work samples.) Unpublished material will be not considered. A sample of the artist’s pencil work would be helpful if the finished work has been inked by another artist.  All submissions will be reviewed by a committee consisting of artists and others knowledgeable in the comics field, who will select the five finalists. The winner will be selected by a blue ribbon panel of comics professionals, including prior Manning Award winners and Russ Manning’s former assistants. Finalists must be prepared to submit 22 copies of their work for consideration by the judges.The Manning Awards are co-sponsored by the West Coast Comics Club and Comic-Con International: San Diego. The winner of the award will be announced during the Eisner Awards on July 23 at Comic-Con International. More information about the Manning Awards can be found at


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