Comix Talk for Monday, August 22, 2011

Maybe I'll just stick with the weekly uodate schedule for awhile.  ComixTalk is seriously in need of a reboot to the ass but I don't have the right concept to dive in and rework the innards yet.

MILESTONE: First off let me note a milestone I somehow overlooked — Gina Biggs wrote last week letting me know that the all female creator erotic comics anthology website Filthy Figments (NSFW) is celebrating its one year anniversary and has posted over 1000 pages.  

ORIGINAL WEBCOMICKER: I had no idea Ryan Smith had a new webcomic. I knew Smith from his work on Funny Farm  — his new project Accursed Dragon is about Coven, "a half-man, half-dragon, who is cursed to reptilianoid form until he does enough good deeds to redeem himself. Since he is naturally sour tempered, he has been at it a while – 122 years…" Sounds like a fun story!

KICKSTART MY ART: Bleeding Cool has a list of a bunch of recent Kickstarter projects you might be interested in supporting.

HYPE:  IO9 writes up Terry LaBan's Muktuk Wolfsbreath, Hard Boiled Shaman, which originally ran as a DC miniseries, but LawBan has resurrected as a webcomic:

Muktuk is a nomadic shaman who travels the snowy reaches of Siberia on his trusty (but none too bright) reindeer, waiting for a good supernatural crime to come along. Finally, a troubled dame walks into his camp and into his life. Her son has fallen to a mystical illness, and only a shaman can set him right. Muktuk suspects he's not getting the whole story, but he agrees to take the case.


Michael Pohrer writes that today is the launch of his new rebooted The Jungle comic.  Pohrer is The National Free Press' Editorial Cartoonist which explains why I don't know who he is (editorial cartoons don't usually do much for me) but to compound it I didn't see any real online presence to speak of… so I guess I'll have to check out his site tomorrow to see what the new project is.


Comic Alliance asked Ryan North to read one of his Dinosaur Comics and he did:

INTERVIEW:  A little late linking to it but Tall Tale Radio interviewed Brad Guigar of Evil, Inc. and Dave Kellett of Sheldon and Drive at the San Diego Comic:


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