Comix Talk for Monday, August 2, 2010

You know what — a big thanks to Journalista!, The Comics Reporter and Comics Worth Reading for all of the great reporting they do.  Almost every dang morning I find something interesting to read at those sites.  Speaking of which, Tom Spurgeon posted a note this morning from Ted Rall — Rall is beginning his latest expedition to Afghanistan with fellow cartoonists Matt Bors and Steven L Cloud along for the ride.  Safe Travels!


HYPE: I'm looking forward to MK Reed's Americus (scheduled for publication by First Second  in Fall of 2011) and excited to hear that it will be serialized online along the way.  The comic is drawn by Jonathan Hill. (h/t CWR!)


COPYFIGHT:  I'm no expert on the Neil Gaiman-Todd McFarlane litigation but Maggie Thompson's write-up of the latest phase is an interesting practical example of the notion of derivate work.

REVIEW:  Tom Spurgeon reviews Mike Dawson's Troop 142 which Dawson is serializing online here.

INTERVIEW:  Good Comics For Kids blog has an interview with James Kochalka from SDCC (there's a whole bunch of videos from the GCFK blog there too):


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