Comix Talk for Monday, December 12, 2011

Haps to the holidays y'all, as I'm sure no one ever said ever, even back in the day.

HYPE: I saw the writer, Maria Burnham, post about her webcomic Jesus Loves Lesbians Too on Huffington Post.  It's a little disjointed at times, but honest and often touchingly funny. And the art by Maggie Siegel-Berele is really nice.  I wish they had a better archive system but for right now it's not a huge backlog to read.

HYPE: Lauren Davis says, "Hobo Lobo of Hamelinis a witty retelling of The Pied Piper, and the side scrolling effect creates the impression that you're watching the whole thing played inside a diorama."  It is pretty amazing, one of the first webby webcomics I've seen in a few years.  Easily the most impressive experimental webcomic I've read this year.  The 3D effect is excellent (I think there was some Z-layer CSS going on there) and you have to linger and play around with the panels to get the full experience.  Read Lauren's full review at IO9.

BEAR AMERICA: I want to make a movie, video game and Comedy Central animated series out of Ethan Nicolle's Bearmageddon.

OCCUPY PIXELS: Stephanie McMillan has been out occupying Occupy protests and is making comics about her experience.

MILESTONES: Kraig Furtado's Troops of Doom reaches 400 episodes this week. Troops of Doom uses photos of action figures for its visuals and its story is a mashup of Star Wars, G.I. Joe and lego.

GIFT LIST: Comics Alliance assembles a whole bunch of webcomic related stuff any one of your loved or liked ones would be happy to receive.


  • Jason Gurley writes about his new graphic novel Eleanor that he's serializing on the web (two chapters are available on the web site, and a third is in progress). Gurley writes that he was writing this as a novel but felt like it needed to be told as a comic. First off the website is seriously kickass, and I just liked the combination of colors and the virtual "book and a shelf" feel the first page gives you.  Second, the art is surprisingly good, the characters are drawn simply, but Gurley knows what he's doing (or at least is faking it really well!).  Eleanor is hard to describe — it feels very metaphorical so far.  Gurley described it in an interview as "Eleanor‘s dislocation is really about that search for truth: pawing around in a dark void, sometimes hopelessly, sometimes finding brilliance, looking for anything to hold onto. Her conversation fills that void for her."
  • Alex Aberle writes that he is restoring the archives of his webcomic Sara and David — "The World's First 3D Anime Webcomic."  Well I hate to be the one to break the news but I'm not seeing 3D here so I wouldn't bill it like that (and I'd probably refrain from "world" "first" or "anime" as well).  I think it's always a mixed bag to put up old work just to post more things to the 'net.  I'm not talking about the normal course of serializing a webcomic — by definition you have older work up eventually — I'm talking about putting up something that never was on the web (or you took down previously). On the other hand I change my mind about this question all the time.

DEAD TREE and OTHER PAPER STUFF:  JT Yost has a new mini-comic, Thinger Dingers, out along with some Snoop Doggy Dog–Snoopy mashup tee shirts for sale.  Check it out at his website.  JT has done some cool comics before – just throw his name in the ComixTALK search box to see some review of his mini-comics.


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