Comix Talk for Monday, May 17 2010

I got back from Taiwan last week and managed to switch back to Eastern Time Zone okey-dokey for a couple of days but then WHAMMO… I got a case of delayed jet lag I guess?  Anyhow, that's why I'm up at 4:30 in the AM.

Sin Titulo - Eisner Nominee

REVIEWS: El Santo has reviewed all of the webcomic category nominees for this year's Eisners and offered up his predictions.  And hey, El Santo also reviewed Marilith (the Hudson Hawk of webcomics?).

EVENT: Delos reports that Dialogue-Free Comics Day went off well – here's the entries.

INTERVIEW: Pink Raygun has a story about the webcomic Contropussy, including how it got its name.

ADVICE: Jeph Jacques, creator of Questionable Content, offers some straight-forward advice to those thinking of starting a webcomic.


  • Stephanie O'Donnell wrote about her webcomic (she arts, Greg Carter writes) Perfect Agent which now has two full stories in the archives.
  • Shaun McLaughlin wrote about his comic Cheapjack Shakespeare, now updated daily on the web.  The comedy follows the adventures of a college Shakespeare Company as it falls apart over a summer. Members get involved in infidelity, get struck by lightning and get in fights with unappreciative members of the audience who heckle them.
  • Dmitri Jackson writes that he has a new webcomic at USARiseUp Magazine called Marty's Diner — a slice-of-life look at the waiters and customers of a downtown city restaurant.  Unfortunately for Jackson, it's hard to find the comic on the magazine's website and it doesn't look like there's anyway to find, let alone navigate, the archives of the comic.


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