I'm in kind of a world wide mixed wrestling NASCAR mood this morning (already thrown a couple chairs down the hallway) but let's see if comics soothes the savage beast.

PEOPLE THAT LIKE PEOPLE: Laura Hudson has an interview with Nick Gurewitch of  Perry Bible Fellowship fame and Michael Fiffe over at The Beat has a really good profile on artist/creator Kyle Baker.

AWARDS: Time to send in nominations for next year's EISNERS.  Seriously wouldn't it be great to have lots of worthy nominations from webcomics for every Eisner category?  

CONVENTION 'VENTION WHAT'S YOUR INTENTION: The Beat reports that the Stumptown Comics convention in Portland, Oregon will "curate" the list of exhibitors due to the huge demand for tables.

FREE MONEY: The Drawn blog with this timely reminder for aspiring comics-making students — don't forget that the deadline for the Jay Kennedy Scholarship is December 15th. More details at the National Cartoonists Society Foundation.

DEAD TREES: Fleen flags the forthcoming book edition of Evan Dahm's Order of Tales Book 3: The Tower of Smoke.  Pre-ordering now in effect.

MILESTONE: The comedy webcomic Troops of Doom reaches 300 episodes this week. TOD uses GI Joe, Star Wars, Lego and other toys for props. The webcomic is running a contest where readers can have an a recurring character in the comic named after them.  

TOOLS: I think I saw Spike link to this on Twitter this morning – a great website for working with colors together: Color Scheme Designer.

BLOGGITY-BLOG BLOG: Covered has a post just like the one I put up last week – links to like-minded "cover song" comics blogs. Another blog in this vein that is often quite good is the Comic Social Club.

Guest Comicking: The Daily Cross Hatch with another "guest comic" – this one from Erich Fletschinger.  I kind of like the idea of a blog about comics having "guest comics" — anyone interested in doing something for ComixTalk?  Maybe I'll try to create a recurring thing next year…


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