Comix Talk for Monday, October 25, 2010

It's Monday already? Over the weekend Warren Ellis asked who else is doing a long form webcomic for print collections a la Freak Angels? – lots of interesting links in the thread.

INTERVIEWWebcomics Community forum interviewed Lora Innes of The Dreamer.



NOT WEBCOMICS: Lines and Colors blog links to this site showing incredible close-ups of works of art. The site – Haltadefinizione – (English version here), is an Italian project specializing in high-definition photography and has made available on the web several great masterpieces in what can be considered extreme high resolution.


Darryl Hughes (creator of GAAK and The Continentals) writes about a new project Chevalier: The Queen's Mouseketeer.  The webcomic is by Hughes along with Tiffany Ross (Alien Dice, Abby's Agency) and is the story of a blacksmith mouse with the heart of a hero who must rescue a kidnapped Princess in order to stop two kingdoms bound for war and claim his destiny. Hughes describes Chevalier as "The Princess Bride meets the Lord of the Rings in a Disney/Pixar movie written in Dr. Seuss rhyme starring a mouse".

James Randell writes about his most recent comic that parodies several newspapers comics including Mary Worth, Spiderman, Pearls Before Swine and many more.  The comic is part of his ongoing series Newspaper Comic Strip, the tale of an amnesiatic comic strip character who somehow becomes self-aware. Newspaper Comic Strip is written by Randell and illustrated by Justin Pasieka and is resuming updates on a biweekly schedule after a temporary hiatus. 


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