Comix Talk for OMG Time For A Three Day Weekend See Ya Bye

Despite my eagerness to hit the road for a weekend of memoralizing, there is a lot of webcomic news out there you might want to skim through amongst you know… actually reading webcomics.

MILESTONES: One of webcomics' really nice guys, Krishna Sadasivam announced he's putting his 13 year run of PC Weenies on hold.  He offered a number of reasons for his unexpected decision:

I want to focus more efforts on my illustration.  The audience for the strip has reached a plateau that has been consistent for the past two years. It’s frustrating, and I know I could have done more to promote the strip, but in the end, there’s really nobody to blame but myself. I take full responsibility for this.  13 years is pretty long for anything. I’m happy with what I’ve been able to accomplish, which is a body of work that spans well over a decade.

And a reality check:

Bills. I gotta pay ‘em, and lately they’ve been crushing me alive. We’ve had a few emergency setbacks recently (two huge car repairs, a crazy water bill from hell, etc.) that are putting the squeeze on us financially. Big time.  The time I spend on making the comic could be better spent on other income-generating areas, and right now I have to do what’s best for my family. (You could help and buy a book. And if you have, thank you. I really do appreciate it.)

It's not a 100% closing of the door to coming back to the comic later on and Sadasivam also announced a new Tumblr site where he's posting PC Weenies toons from 1998 to 2007.

HYPE: reports on Crossed: Wish You Were Here, a new Avatar project that will employ the same web and print strategy of its successful Freak Angels webcomic.  Crossed will be Si Spurrier and Javier Barreno — starting this October.

NOT WEBCOMICS: Vulture Magazine leads a critical investigation.  No it's not that kind of cup.

MUST SEE TEEVEE: Law & Order: Webcomic Unit.

INSPIRATION IS 99% SELF-INFLICTED PAIN: Thanks to Reality Amuck for linking to this funny Whomp! comic on the creative process.


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