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Tales of a Checkered Man by Denver Brubaker

Well it's a three day weekend here in the 'States so we'll pick things up again on Tuesday of next week (anything on the weekend is pure bonus, baby). Also picking things up next week is Dirk Tiede’s Paradigm Shift which returns from hiatus on Tuesday (h/t FLEEN).

INTERVIEW:  Playback has a nice interview with Raina Telgemeier about Smile and the X-Men: Misfits comic.

DEAD TREES: Robot6 reports that Jason Little's second Bee comic, Motel Art Improvement Service will be published by Darkhorse this fall.

MAILBAG: Denver Brubaker writes in about his webcomic Tales of a Checkered Man, a comedy take on a Batman-like crimefighter.  Brubaker writes "Fans of superhero satire and parody as well as classic adventure pulps and traditional newspaper strips will enjoy this all-new comic strip adventure; think Charlie Brown as a masked-vigilante."


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