Comix Talk for Thursday, February 17, 2011

I heard it was Warren Ellis' birthday this week – be sure to wish him a happy birthday and go read his excellent webcomic Freak Angels.  Ellis also launched another tell me about your webcomic threads at his highly trafficed forum Whitechapel.  I have often discovered excellent new work from those threads – worth checking out.

MAJOR MILESTONES: I'll second Fleen's writeup of Brad Guigar's 11th year in webcomics – the guy is the Paul Bunyan Cyborg of webcomics. And also it's 9 years of Unshelved so I'll also second Fleen's congrats there too. (And this has been your weekly "Catching up late with Fleen" episode!)

MINI MILESTONES: Steve Hardoin's Billy Rabbit, a webcomic about a girl named Kiki and her sarcastic rabbit, reached 50 comics. The rabbit is always getting himself into trouble and Kiki is forced to bail him out, however, Kiki is more like her pet than she would ever admit.

iWEBCOMICS: Morten F. Thomsen, the CEO of digital comics platform Oxicomics, writes that his company is about to "release the first truly HTML5 based comics reading application for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iTouch), Android, Symbian and desktop/laptop computers (Windows, Linux, OS/X) – no Flash – only open, standard web technologies – while still creating an immersive reading experience that readers have grown accustomed to."  He also adds that publishers will be able to use the self-service platform to publish comics in ways that no other digital comics platform offers.  Choose between “Complete” issues and “Ongoing” issues (e.g. unfinished, webcomics model with regular page postings), and offer the purchased comics for true ownership (free from DRM) – not just for rent like all other digital comics applications out there today.  In addition, since the application is 100% HTML, there are no AppStore approval processes (or censorship) – all comics can be distributed as they were intended by the creator – without having to conform to antiquated moral codes.  

HYPE: Lots of ink on a new webcomic from Mike Norton called Battle Pug.  I hope it's good, but I wonder if Dave Kellett should be owed a cut 🙂


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