Comix Talk for Thursday, July 1, 2010

Is it in fact appropriate to wish my neighbors to the North a "Happy Canada Day"?  If so, well then, cheers and happy no-longer-colonies day!  

Nope, I've Never Done This!

Hypey Mc Hype: Barry Smith and coffee always equals a good InkTank strip 🙂

Oooh Pretty… Flight 7!  Kazu Kibuishi posts previews from the upcoming installment of the comics anthology series.

Even Reuben Bolling Gets The Blues: The creator of Tom the Dancing Bug gets some high profile links to his comics but unfortunately not to the "approved" postings of them.  This sucks but it's inevitable that things like this will happen.  Best to be prepared by putting in a clear URL to your work on the comic image itself.  Any other tips?

Last One To Leave MySpace, Turn Off the Disco Lights: I saw on Comics Reporter that Dark Horse is moving its webcomics portal/monthly anthology off of MySpace and back to its own website.

Review: Lauren Davis tackles the post 9/11 thrilller webcomic Nathan Sorry.

INTERVIEW: Mike Rhodes interviews Donna Lewis for the local alt weekly paper.  Lewis's webcomic is Reply All which to be honest is a mess in terms of art (it looks like MS Paint) but does have some good moments in the writing.  Not really funny so much as an honest and knowing tone, it's a pretty good effort at a comic built around an adult woman's point of view.

NOT WEBCOMICS: I don't know if these are "authorized" but someone has made funny little animations out of a few Kate Beaton comics.  This take on her "Two Watsons" comics cracked me up silly this morning.


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