Comix Talk for Thursday, September 22, 2011

To the right — an amazing cover to a fondly remembered comic book Godzilla Versus Barkley — based on a cool Nike commercial which inspired a hilarious SNL skit. Check out artist Rusty Shakles's website and the rest of the Covered blog.

INTERVIEW: Boldly Going Nowhere podcast interviews Jon Rosenberg of Scenes from A Multiverse.

All Digits All The Time: Todd Allen writes about publisher Slave Labor Graphics decision to ditch comic pamphlets for single issues digital downloads instead.  SLG, smartly, is offering a number of file formats for their comics, including the proprietary formats owned by the various comic apps, like ComiXology, Graphicly, and iVerse and open standards PDF, EPUB, and CBZ.  Comics Worth Reading also covers the announcement and adds that SLG first sold their publications digitally back in 2006, setting up their own web store and providing downloadable PDF or CBZ files.

iWare: Chris Ware has created an iPad-only comic, called Touch Sensitive, released inside the McSweeney's app — it's 14 pages of art and animations by Ware (h/t Comics Reporter).

START MAKING SENSE: This is also promising digital news.  Marvel is offering a discounted purchase price for entire story arcs from its publication schedule.  Now we just need to see Marvel, DC and other publishers digitize and distribute in discrete packages the best of (if not all) of their valuable decades-long archives.

DO SCIENCE TO IT!: Darryl Cunningham posts the last chapter of his forthcoming graphic novel (see how that terms trips you up when talking about a non-fiction work?) Science Tales, out from Myriad Editions next year.  A heartfelt, logical plea of the importance of the scientific method.


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