Comix Talk for Tuesday, April 20, 2010

REVIEW: Gavin Lees gives a pretty positive review to Kate Beaton's Never Learn Anything From History collection.


From the Mailbag:  Patric Lewandowski started a fundraising project at Kickstarter with a goal towards funding a comic called Terminal Life.

In 1989, when I was 9 years old, my father was diagnosed with lung cancer. He underwent surgery which removed an entire lung from his body. For the next nine years, he was in and out of the hospital and always near death. I grew up with a terminally ill parent and it had a profound impact on who I became as a person.  This graphic novel, tentatively titled "Terminal Life" is about that first year when my father was diagnosed, had surgery, and it became apparent that my life had changed forever. 


Xaviar Xerexes

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