Comix Talk for Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I posted a review of Doug TenNapel's Bad Island today.  I have a review of Keith Knight's latest (Th)ink collection scheduled for publication this Thursday — Rob Clough at TCJ just dropped his review of the book today.

BORG OUT: I saw a new webcomic collective site pop up — Open Fire Comics features The EndSweet and Sour GrapesUNDERLING; and Walking the Lethe.

INTERVIEW: Tangents has an interview with J.T. of the slice-of-life comic Between Failures.

EVERYONE WAS SUPER ART FIGHTIN': So I missed the big SUPER ART FIGHT XXXIXL this month in Baltimahh but there'll be lots of sharpie-fu next month in the DC Metro area.  First, Super Art Fight will be the post-Ignatz Award Ceremony entertainment at this year's SPX and second, at Intervention, a full-fledged round of bouts.

WEBCOMIC TEEVEE: Kris Straub and Scott Kurtz are the new Heidi and Spencer. Just kidding but they just posted the second episode of their reality teevee show.

Business Time: Zach SMBC Weiner posted a number of great tips for readers and fans titled "On the Proper Care and Feeding of Artists."



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