Comix Talk for Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Good news for the Friends of Lulu organization, Valerie D'Orazio's public plea for help has led to the assembling of an unofficial board to assist her in righting its ship.  

MILESTONES: Questionable Content hits 7 years of comics on the intertubes.

Interview: Newsarama interviews Ethan Nicolle of the webcomic and soon to be Dark Horse book, Axe Cop.

REVIEW: El Santo gives Tim Buckley's Ctrl-Alt-Del a massively complete review, worth reading no matter what your opinion of Buckley's work is.

CONVENTIONS: This year's visit by Fake Stan Lee to the SDCC is as funny as last year's and includes (at about 2:42 in) a visit to the PvP booth:

MAILBAG: Peter Fairfax writes about his webcomic Valentines Dei, which is a futuristic detective story with a gritty feel.  Fairfax is a bit raw still with the writing and artwork but it's not so rough that the comic doesn't work.  It starts a bit slow, but Fairfax has packed a lot of ideas into the concept — it's not a huge archive (it started this past February) so if it sounds interesting, be sure to check it out.


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