Comix Talk for Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wow – Karl Kesel draws an amazing homage to Richard Thompson's Cul de Sac characters.

iWEBCOMICS: Scott McCloud points to a Gigaom article on the out-of-whack current pricing for digital comics.  Both focus on the cost-to-minute ratio which arguably is pretty high for comics compared to many other mediums.  Creator Stephen Lindsay is quoted as saying that "the comic industry really has three sets of consumer[s]: those inside the industry who buy comics to support one another, the casual reader, and the collector." Digital comics, if webcomics are any guide, are for the casual reader — that is the typical consumer of most other creative mediums.  Price accordingly!

AWARDS: El Santo reviews the nominees for Best Digital Comic at this year's Eisners and offers up his predictions for who will win.

MILESTONES: Bobwhite ended yesterday.  The 3 year long webcomic was about three girls attending Bobwhite University, an art-focused college in Rhode Island. Creator Magnolia Porter has already launched a new webcomic Monster Pulse –  which kicks off with 8 pages today.  She's also collaborating on Dracula Mystery Club with Kel MacDonald and Amanda LaFrenais.

INTERVIEW: El Santo interviews Shannon Wheeler of coffee and rejected New Yorker cartoons.

MOVIEBEAT: Moviefone has more coverage of the Penny Arcade "The New Kid" movie option story. Gary Whitta, who wrote the recent sci-fi movie Book of Eli' is slated to script to the film.

READING IS FUNDAMENTAL: Raina Telgemeier was one of twelve artists Scholastic asked to participate in a very special literacy campaign in honor of their 90th anniversary: Read Every Day. Lead A Better Life. Raina posted here what she created for the effort.

ALWAYS LOOK ON THE SUNNY SIDE OF LIFE: John Allison offers up some positivity training for artists offering up their work in public.

ART FOR SALE: Long time friend of ComixTalk, Grant Thomas is selling the original artwork from the first full color My Life in Records comic book.  Check out the pages for sale in his store. In addition, Thomas said he is in the midst of working up the second edition of My Life In Records with minor corrections to the original story, plus two new short stories that I am calling "B Sides" to the opening story.

FROM THE MAILBAG: Jason Banditt Adams writes in about his webcomic, Rogue's Galley: The Villain's Bar.  It's a satire about has-been villains of the 1980's as they dream about their glory days and fritter away their retirement at the nautical-themed dive, the Rogue's Galley.


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