Comix Talk for Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gary has your New England Webcomic Weekend 2 wrapup.  Also Faith Erin Hicks is posting on the web a comic called The Adventures of Superhero Girl she's been doing for her local free weekly alt-paper (h/t Journalista)  That's like a holiday present early!

HYPE: Do you think you would laugh at a single panel comic about a serial killer? Lee Adam Herold's Chopping Block returns with new comics to show you that in the hands of a talented creator, you'll laugh, dabnagit. The webcomic ran pretty consistently from 2000-2004 with some more limited runs of new comics since than.  It really is amazing how Herold can put the most disturbing and creepy scenarios into the comic and still grab you for that laugh.

iWEBCOMICS: Hanvon Technology, a Chinese company, is debuting this week a color e-reader that uses e-ink.  Up until now e-ink has only supported black and white display. E-ink has key advantages over LCD (the current method for displaying color) including less battery power consumption and that it is readable in direct sunlight. Sounds promising — I hope we get to see some examples of how this device handles comics soon.

CRAFT: Dustin Harbin explains how to use the Ames Lettering Guide.

INTERVIEW: Mike Rhode interviews Jamie Noguichi — creator of Yellow Peril and artist on Book 1 of Erfworld.

REVIEW: El Santo reviews Newton's Law.

MILESTONE: Peter Tarkulich's webcomic Bardsworth turned five years old this past Sunday (November 7th). Bardsworth is a fantasy story about Mike Cosley, a high school nobody who finds a doorway to another world — in his closet of all places.  In this world exists Bardsworth University, a college where magic is taught. Mike enrolls and finds himself amidst elves, fairies, a demon who loves to bake, and a host of usual (and unusual) teenage problems. With about 600 strips in the archives, now is a good time to check it out!

MAILBAG: Troops of Doom features photos of action figures acting in comics. Kraig Furtado's webcomic has almost 300 installments in the archives so give it a look!


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