Comix Talk for Turkey Week

Looking like a tough week for me to deliver the news so don't be alarmed if things get quiet around here.

BUSINESS IS GOOD: FLEEN links to George Rohac's thesis, Copyright and the Economy of Webcomics [PDF], and his data set [Microsoft Excel] to which Tony Piro adds a chart. (FLEEN linked to an old ComixTalk post about this too but go right to the source – Steve Crowley's blog post on webcomic audience sizes.)  Also TechDirt comments on Scott Kurtz's comments on Garry Trudeau's offhand dismissal of webcomics as a viable economic model.

MILESTONES: Adam Huber, creator of Bug, writes about his first year as a webcomics creator.

INTERVIEWS: Brian Heater wraps up his four part interview with Jamie Hernandez.

iWEBCOMICS: Comics Alliance has an overview of the digital comics landscape.

DIARY OF A MAD WEBCOMIC CREATOR: The Drawn blog links to John Allison's advice on having a career in comics. Although John Allison cautions against doing a diary comic, it appears to have worked out well for Emi Lenox who has a new book, Emitown, coming out from Image.

WANT ADS: The fantastic artist Erica Henderson is leaving the fun fantasy webcomic Guilded Age and writers T Campbell and Phil Kahn are looking for a new artist as well as some guest comics for this month.  Go check it out – good comic and surely a potentially fun gig for someone.

DECADE OF WEBCOMICS: I asked for more stories of the decade that was and D. J. Coffman delivered.  D.J. has experienced a lot of the decade's big stories first-hand and he includes some details from his time with Keenspot and Platinum Comics.  


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