Comixology’s Top Five Webcomics for 2008

I guess we’ll start seeing year-end type lists now (still feels a mite bit early though…).  Here’s a link to Comixology’s Top Five webcomics for 2008 by Tucker Stone.  Apparently he limited consideration to comics first appearing on the Internet and he came up with Get Your War On, Achewood, Dinosaur Comics, Bodyworld and "anything" by Kate Beaton.  I’m pretty much going to quibble with any list because… well, I can.  Any list is going to leave off a lot of good stuff so it’s not much harder than catching fish in a barrel (I don’t know how to shoot so shooting fish in a barrel would be kind of hard for me.  Besides I don’t think I’d like cold steel served up with the fish for dinner).

So… I’ve always been a fan of Get Your War On and wrote about it very early in its meteoric rise but it’s a far, far ways from its creative peak.  I don’t see how the output in 2008 alone gets it on this kind of list.  Maybe a Hall of Fame forever list but not a 2008 list.

Kate Beaton definitely deserves a nod.  Someone ought to publish her stuff on paper pronto.  Achewood is going to wind up being one of the most important comics of this decade (did we decide on "naughts" or did we just decide not to decide…).  It’s hard to question Dinosaur Comics either.

Surprisingly, I’d missed Bodyworld before.  Interesting comic — really the only one of the five on the list not aimed at humor to some significant degree.  It’s a pretty intensely strange comic.  The art really conveys the trippy feel of the comic — it’s very well done.  I’m a little less convinced of the actual characters and the plot and pacing but it’s certainly a comic that grabs you.




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