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An interview with the historically enthusiastic Kate Beaton (h/t JOURNALISTA!)

The Washington Post has a good interview with Jeff Kinney the creator of the wildly successful Diary of a Wimpy Kid books (which are online at

Indy Comic News linked to a press release from comicsXP which appears to be a site for organzing comics and possibly reading digital scans of them too.  I haven’t heard anything else about them so no vouchsafe from me yet.  Still it’s a spiffy web2.0ish site so I’ll poke around some more this week to see what I think.

Scott Kurtz takes a crack at mixing up The Watchmen and the current decline of newspaper comics

I missed this but Kevin Pease drew up denominations of "bullshit artistic credibility dollars" (taking an idea from Jeph Jacques’s post on webcomic versus newspaper comic business models) which are great!



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