Community Interview Number 3: Jon Rosenberg of Goats

Okay it’s time for Community Interview #3. This time Jon Rosenberg has agreed to answer your questions. Here’s how it works — post your question to JON in a comment in response to this post.


If you see another question you think is interesting, moderate it up. If you see something not so useful, moderate it down. We’ll take questions for two weeks, until Friday, June 13th. We’ll send the top ten questions to Jon to answer and post those answers later this month.


Xaviar Xerexes

Wandering webcomic ronin. Created Comixpedia (2002-2005) and ComixTalk (2006-2012; 2016-?). Made a lot of unfinished comics and novels.


  1. What do you feel provides the most important contribution to your creative process?

    This time Jon Rosenberg has agreed to answer your questions. Here’s how it works — post your question to Pete in a comment in response to this post.

    And how do you feel about being called Pete in the description of this topic? Would you rather we called you Steve, perhaps? Or Dave?

  2. I’m not sure who this “Pete” fellow is. Does he draw comics too?

  3. There are a number of high quality comics available online these days, and there are also a number of not-so-high quality comics around as well. Which comic falls into which category is, of course, a matter of personal perspective.

    Do you feel the existence of those comics that, in your opinion, would fall into the second category helps the online comic community by widening the options available to the potential reader, or hurts the community by discouraging the distinguishing reader?

  4. Do you ever see yourself doing a comic collaboration where you write, and someone else does the art, or vice versa? Would it be difficult to give up half of the creative control on a project like that?

  5. Have you become frustrated with the lack of revenue streams which at the least pay for your server and other hosting services so much so that you will stop doing Goats or will it be a lack of ideas/time which will end the strip (not that I’m looking for an ending)?

  6. Why do you do Goats? I mean what do you get out of coming up with the stories, drawing, and posting them for us to read? Is it a desire to create something fun, personal satisfaction, feedback, etc.?

  7. In one of the story arcs, Diablo introduces Jon to Satan only Satan turns out to be Stan. Does this mean that Stan is also Diablo’s uncle? If so, is that legal?

  8. Have you eaten Chicken Diablo (Pollo Diablo), and did you enjoy it?

  9. Interestingly enough, most of your jokes revolve around late 1980’s early 1990’s pop culture. Brook Shields and Scott Baio have been the most obvious targets. (What about Willy Ames? Now he just needs to have some one make fun of him.) What is it that makes that time period so funny? Oh, and you can’t say Parachute pants… though that would make a cool episode… Jon, check out my new parachute pants… Your what?… They are making a comeback you know….

  10. Too lazy to register!

    How much of the content is influenced by others (“you know what would be great in a strip?” etc)?

    A follow-on question would be how to tell them to shove their crummy ideas without hurting their feelings?

  11. I took a year off, in hopes that the rest would bring about a favourable answer, so here it goes:

    My birthday is coming up. Can I have a cameo in the strip?

    -Chris “yes, him again” Combs

  12. Your comic is reasonably successful, I think would be safe to say. You have a solid readership. This gives you an oppurtunity to speak to a segment of the populace as few others can. Your comic isn’t political or especially topical. It’s just funny.
    But is there one serious message you’d like to give your audience through your comic?

  13. what part does phillip play in your creative process?


  14. Earlier in the strip, it seemed like a lot of your characters were based on actual (and slightly neurotic) people. Some of the storylines, like Philip’s marriage, were actually based on real events that happened to these people. On the other hand, your marriage wasn’t transfered into the script, meaning real life jon and satanic-chicken owning jon deviated even more.
    After that amazingly stupid and probably incorrect discourse, my actual question is:
    Do you see yourself seperating your real life from Jon’s life in the strip more or less in the future?

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