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Ben Bittner

Full Story Hightlights: The Year In Review

Introducing a new monthly column spotlighting completed webcomics. This month covers Narbonic, Cooking With Anne, The Front, The Tyger and Europe's First Smoker.

October Housecleaning

A few notes before we dive into October:

October 2006 Issue

Cover Art by Ben Bittner.

Cooking With Anne Is Done

My post-apocalyptic cooking comic Cooking with Anne has finished. You can see the whole (not very long) thing starting here (by chapter) or here (by single update). I plan on doing more with that setting and character in the future, but such stories will probably take place as part of my next project.

I'm Just Drinking Goes Live

After months of work and silent hype, I'm Just Drinking: the Webcomics Alcoholipedia, is now live and ready for public use.

I'm Just Drinking is a wiki created by Phil Kahn and co. for the purpose of creating and collecting Webcomics-themed cocktails. After enough are collected, they'll be published into a book. Anyone can join in on the process, and that means you!

What makes for good webcomics website design?

This forum looks lonely.

So what makes for good webcomics site design anyway?

I like a simple, uncluttered design. I think that the most recent update to webcomic should be the first thing people see, followed by any ads, blogs, stores, whatevers, and I designed my site accordingly.

In general I don't like seeing a banner ad right at the top of a page, and I don't like sites where you have to click through a title page, or click over to the comic. Of course there are plenty of webcomics that do exactly what I don't like (pvp, penny arcade, order of the stick...) and those guys are makin' the big bucks, which tells me how much my opinion is worth.

Best/Full Feature Set for Webcomics Script

I thought it might be helpful to create a list of features that a "perfect" script for running a webcomics site should have. Not every creator would want to turn all of these on for every site/comic but they should be ones that many people will want a lot of the time. (I'll update this post with suggestions from the comments too).

What Was Your Gateway Comic?

I saw a similar thread over at The Comics Journal's board o fun and I thought it would make for an interesting conversation topic.

 What was the comic(s) (print or web) that REALLY got you hooked on the medium? I don't mean something you thumbed through as a kid, but made you go "Gaw damm! They got me for life! I may even start doing this stuff myself"

 It was X-Men #205 for me. Barry Windsor Smith did the art and the story was a self-contained tale of soon-to-be-over-played-mutant Wolverine fighting off a team of cyborg baddies in a construction yard.

Would webcomics fall to formulaic sameness?

Reading the article from this link:

And this quote:

We had A Bug's Life and Antz and now The Ant Bully. We had Finding Nemo and Shark Tale. We had Madagascar and The Wild. And we're due for a plague of rats. There's Ratatouille, Flushed Away, Rats Amore and One Rat Short.

When you take the genre conventions and add settings or subject matter that have already been done, you're in danger of boring the audience.

The Nightmare After Halloween

Hey folks! If you haven't checked'em out yet, you should definitely have a look-see at this year's Fright Night winners: Mr. Ben Bittner's "Trail of the Snail God" is this year's readers' choice and Mr. Teague Tysseling's "MerMILF: A Piece of Fish Tail... er, Tale" was picked by our panel judge, Jon Morris.

And don't forget to have a look at all the other awesome entries!