This Day in ComixTalk: October 1st

ComixTalk Cover art by E. Charles S. Snow, creator of Sordid City Blues

2009: (above) Charles Snow, creator of Sordid City Blues contributed the ComixTalk cover art for the month of October.

2008: We covered the end of the long-running webcomic Cigarro and Cerveja Tony Esteves. The archived comic is still available here.

2007: Jerzy Drozd announced the launch of Sugary Serials – an all ages webcomic anthology site. I interviewed Jerzy at SPX this year — you can see the video here.  Also Tim Demeter wrapped up his webcomic Reckless Life; Cox & Forkum called it quits on their political webcomic; and Jennie Breeden hit the milestone #2000 with her webcomic The Devil's Panties.

2006: In 2006 we had a ComixTalk cover from Ben Bittner, the creator of the webcomics Space Pirate Apocalypse and Cooking With Anne.  Unfortunately his website appears to be gone — anyone reported a more recent online sighting of his work?

2005: Founding editor-in-chief Lea Hernandez handed over to Lisa Jonte the editorship of the webcomic anthology site Girlamatic.

2004: T Campbell organized the first meeting of the Washington Webtoonists group.  

2003: Chris Onstad's Achewood hit the two year milestone; and 21st Century Fox joined the webcomic collective The Nice.


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