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Josh Lesnick

Comix Talk for Thursday, March 11, 2010

 Refuge of the Heart by Ben CostaGood morning y'all, I almost skipped updating the site today but than I saw this: Josh Lesnick's WEBCOMIC PONY PARTY.  'Nuff said.

DEAD TREES: Ben Costa posts that he won a xeric grant and has the cover art to the book he'll be self-publishing, Pang, The Wandering Shaolin Monk, Vol. 1: Refuge of the Heart.  I'm looking forward to this book.

Also another installment from Tyler Page on his experiences in self-publishing his comic Nothing BetterPart 1 is here and part 2 is here.  (A part 3 is coming)

BUSINESS: The Daily Cross Hatch has an interview with Bellen creator Box Brown about the fundraising website Kickstarter.  In related news, James Kochalka's Kickstarter drive to fund a video game he thought up has met its goal so GAME ON.

COPYRIGHT: Copyright is a weird thing sometimes in this age of MEDIA MEDIA MEDIA all around us.  Take this example of a post examining Dave Devries series of paintings based on children's drawings.  What's the kid's (c) versus what's Devries?  You might think there's an obvious answer but take the questions seriously and I bet you start to think a bit harder about it.

REVIEW: El Santo reviews Natalie Dee

JUSTIFY MY HYPE: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: The Graphic Novel.  Also 'nuff said.

Comix Talk for Thursday, February 18, 2010

 The 11 1/2 Anniversary Edition

Pretty quiet today although check out this stunning creative innovation from the newspaper comic B.C.  Wow!  Now that's how you stay hip and current...

INTERVIEWS: Josh Lesnick, creator of Girly, is interviewed by the INTERNET!

REVIEWS: Johanna Draper Carlson has a review of the new mega-Penny Arcade book, The Splendid Magic of Penny Arcade.  For all the reasons she's a bit lukewarm on it, I will probably love it.

CRAFT: Nice little tutorial from Jim Zubkavich on the process for a recent illustration he did.

BUSINESS: The Beat reports that, "a fairly new but bold player in the digital comics distribution field", has announced the acquisition of iFanboy, the popular comics news and information community. is in "private beta" -- anyone using it right now?

Whatevah It's Friday

Scott McCloud has a post (and comment thread) on the ratio of comic to controls (navigatin') to crap (everything else) on the screen.  

An interview with Randall Munroe on the unusual publishing strategy for his first book, xkcd, Volume 0.


Rebecca Dart illustrates an old murder ballad.  Everyone is linking to this today and with good reason - Dart's imagination and the linework for the comic are both fantastic.

Josh Lesnick gives us an advance preview of next week's FWEEN headlines.

Looking back at Scott McCloud’s ten webcomic tips

As a change of pace, I thought it would be nice to take a look at something written about webcomics but one of sequential art’s most influential voices: Scott McCloud.

DRAFT List of 100 Greatest Webcomics: Comedy and Drama

Last year I posted a couple times (Previous posts on this "research" project were here and here) about a possible article on "ComixTALK's 100 Greatest Webcomics" which would be something like the American Film Institute's list of the greatest movies of the last 100 years.

A recurring comment to the previous two posts was what is the criteria for this.  I'm always a little hesitant to give too much guidance when part of the point of asking this kind of thing out loud is to listen to the resulting discussion of what everyone else thinks the criteria should be.  For the AFI list judges picked films based on criteria such as Critical Recognition, Major Award Winner, Popularity Over Time, Historical Significance, and Cultural Impact.

That sounds about right to me.  We've got a round decade plus a year or two of webcomics to look at it.  Critical reception (both from peers and critics), and popularity are both relevant to thinking about the impact of a webcomic.  WCCA awards are somewhat indicative of what peers were impressed with in a given year and more recently awards like the Eisners and Ignatzs have recoginized webcomics.  Historical significance and cultural impact are a little harder to pin down but various "firsts" in webcomics are important and comics like Penny Arcade have had a much wider impact on popular culture than most comics do these days (put aside the legacy superheros of comics -- what other "new" comic, let alone webcomic, in the last decade has had a wide cultural impact?)

Another thing AFI did that might be useful here to help sort through the vast numbers of webcomics one could talk about is to also think about categories or genres of work.  Just as a simple matter of numbers if a webcomic isn't one of the best of a larger type of story -- or frankly, so startlingly unique it's hard to categorize -- then it's hard to imagine it's one of the 100 Greatest...

So to move things along I'm listing another "draft" of titles submitted by the crowds but this time I've tried to break them up into drama and comedy so as to help avoid complete apples to oranges comparisons.  In doing that I've realized (1) it's hard in many cases to decide; and (2) there are probably more comedic than drama on the list so far.  I think it would make sense to whittle down the two lists to 75 each so as the final list is no more than 3/4 of one type or the other.  Of course we could further do genre type lists but for now this was enough work on my part.

So -- your assignment (if you choose to play):

  1. Name the comic you're talking about (you're also welcome to nominate ones not on the list -- I KNOW there are many I haven't even thought about yet -- it takes time to review all of the corners of the web)
  2. Tell me where on one the two lists (comedy and drama) it should be (you could give a range of slots if you're not sure). (If you think I've got a drama on the comedy list or vice-versa let me know!  I'm not "done" - this is fairly dashed off still at this point)
  3. Tell me why!  Referencing awards, critics, historical achievements, strengths and weaknesses of the works are all really helpful!

November 14th DRAFT version of 100 Greatest Webcomics List

This is an update to a previous post here, thanks for the cumulative suggestions on that thread.  JUST so we're clear - this is open-sourced to everyone research for a possible article to appear next month at ComixTalk.  I don't endorse the list or the order at all; at this point I've tried to include all of the suggestions I've gotten and I also went through all of the comics ComixTalk has ever reviewed and pulled quite a few titles.

We're at the point where it'll be most helpful if you tell me comics you think should go on the list, where (what number approximately) and which comic should get bumped.  If you just want to change the order you can do that to but there'll be another post before the month's through asking for help with that.  

A Few Random Keystrokes About SPX

A great day at SPX this Sunday.  Saw a whole bunch of familiar (web)comic artists (and bought some great stuff too) and met some new ones.  I get overwhelmed trying to check out everything at SPX -- I don't think I'd cut it at San Diego.  I guess it's 'cause I do try to check out as much of the work as possible.  (I missed the Ignatz awards Satuday night but click here to find out about the winners.  Apparently there was another dude in a gorilla suit this year just like last year. UPDATE: Yep - there's a moneky in THIS YEAR's presentation.  h/t FLEEN).

Anyhow, I may have some reviews and interviews coming up leading out of today but for now I'm putting my new poster of the "Atheist's Afterlife" strip from Aaron Diaz's Dresden Codak up on the wall next to my A Lesson Is Learned But the Damage is Irreversible poster.  I also picked up some books from Dirk Tiede, Spike, Meredith Gran, Josh Lesnick, Joe Dunn... jeez, really too many to list in one post.  I'll get to them this week!

Also ran into the elusive Joey Manley (well he was up in the wilds of Maine for awhile... now he's apparently in the more hospitable land of Brooklyn) along with T Campbell.  I think the gist of that conversation was that the new is coming soon AND YET in some ways is already here.  I should try harder to get an interview with him (although I have asked!), shouldn't I?

I also talked briefly with Raina Telgemeier about her new book with Scholastic - which will be a print version of her webcomic Smile. Raina thought a press release had gone out but I can't find it just now.  Raina had done four Babysitters Club books with Scholastic, but she said that was it for the graphic novel series.  I asked Raina about the experience and she was extremely positive on it, noting she had done about 800 pages on the series.  Best wishes for the Smile project and I'll post more details when I get them.

Webcomic Beacon #30 - Adult Webcomics with Josh Lesnick

Episode 30 - Adult Webcomics with Josh Lesnick: Since noone else will admit to it, why not dedicate a whole show to it? Josh Lesnick joins Fes, Tanya and Aaron as we discuss quality adult webcomics! Remember that most of the webcomics we talk about on this show are for people 18 years or older.

Mark Savary finds needs a drink after reviewing Lunar Antics, and we set our Beacon Searchlight on Toy Division! Plus the Strip Weekly Ringside Update!

Milestones reported this week: Cooties turns 2 years! (We missed a few. We’ll get those next week!)

Webcomic Beacon #29 - WAGON Webcomic Battle TCG

Episode 29 - WAGON Webcomic Battle TCG:  Mike of WAGON Webcomic Battle joins Fes, Tanya and Aaron and we talk about a new Trading Card Game based on webcomics! Mark Savary reviews One Small Step, plus we have the Strip Weekly Ringside Update!

Later in the show we also discuss a reinvention of the Brainstorms, where we will help existing webcomickers with their comics. Plus we bring back the webcomic Impressions in a whole new way! The Webcomic Searchlight! We start this thing of this week with Imy the Comic, Blip, and One Small Step!

Milestones reported this week: 8-Bit Theater hits 1000 strips, The 10 Doctors hist 100 strips, Hookie Dookie Panic hist 3 years and also finishes, Out There hits 2 years, and Metrophor has turns 2!

You Say You're Just a Webcomic


Lea Hernandez (and lots others) has been commenting on how bad the new contract from TokyoPop for their superstars of manga contest is.  Does every freaking comics publisher now hold "contests"?


The Scienteers intervew Josh "Girly" Lesnick.


Hey! New Boxjam's Doodle!

Hey! New update to Fear My Dear, the sequel to Dean Haspiel's Immortal.