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Scott McCloud

Scott McCloud Comic Introduces New Google Browser

Google gets Scott McCloud to do a webcomic to help introduce and explain Google's new web browser Chrome.  It's very well-done and very McCloudian (he's not credited until the very end but you know right away it's him, or someone trying to ape him).

And Scott McCloud has a page up on his own website about making the Chrome comic.

It's funny that a webcomic (ignoring McCloud's comment that it's a comic -- it is on the web) about a browser is McCloud's big webcomic project of 2008 but it is well done.  Not many could make a comic about building a better webrowser be compelling but McCloud just about pulls it off.

Review: The System of Comics by Thierry Groensteen

The best thing about the new translated work The System of Comics by Thierry Groensteen is that it hopefully reflects an increase of English translations of international works on comic theory. There are numerous offerings by European, Japanese, and South American authors that rarely make their way into American scholarship, and more exchange of ideas can only be fruitful to the field.

Rolling Monday Update

Some new interviews right here at COMIXTALK - with Barry T Smith of Inktank, Clint Hollingsworth of The Wandering Ones and Peter Spicer of WordOwl

Elsewhere, Jennifer Contino talks to Danielle Corsetto of Girls With Slingshots, and Patrick Montero talks to Scott McCloud of ZOT! (h/t to Journalista!).

Sunday's Washington Post had a good article on the graphic novel publishing boom written by Bob Thompson (who is self-described in the article as "Prose Guy" so you know a bit about where he's coming from).  Be sure to check out the comics that are part of the otherwise text story. 

Photographer Seth Kushner has been taking portraits of the many great NYC-based graphic novelists.  There are some wonderful photos in this series and it's just kind of cool to put a face to the name for many of these creators.

This is interesting -- according to this story by Joseph Menn, Disney may NOT have the rights to the very earliest versions of Mickey Mouse.

Help Out Kazu

Kazu Kibuishi is racing to finish his graphic novel (which one!?!) and is asking for volunteers to help him with the flatting (and perhaps painting) of the pages.  My lead assistant, Alan Beadle, will still be joining me on this journey, as will Amy, Shadi, and Tim, but we'll definitely need some more brave souls to join the party.  If you are interested, send an email to kazu(at) with some examples of your work. 

Redrawing pages of the Fantastic Four?  James Kochalka's take here; Ron Rege's page here.

The LA Times science fiction blog gives some love to the webcomics collective ACT-I-VATE.

I've probably linked to it before but it's still useful -- 50 Tools and Resources to Start A Webcomic.

COMICON 2008 ... in which I was there and saw things and it was awesome

Here we go, the Comicon Report. Lets see if I can wrap this up in under three million words.

(Me at the SLG booth, beside me is Karl Krumpholtz, who does the SLG book Byron. Picture taken by my roommate [info]crzydemona.)



William Bazillion and the Crystal Skull

Well, not quite, but I figured I'd try to cash in on that title while it's still popular.

Please check out this week's William Bazillion for more good, wholesome fun.

And as long as I'm posting, I'll put up a photo that was taken last August, when I moderated a panel discussion featuring Rory Root and Scott McCloud at San Francisco's Commonwealth Club. This pic was taken about a minute before we took the floor.

Making Art in a Cave or on a Webcam

I've been thinking a lot about a panel discussion between Douglas Rushkoff and Scott McCloud at NY Comic Con I heard via the Daily Crosshatch blog. (You can download the whole audio file from their site or watch highlights on the YouTube videos embedded into the post.)

Stumptown, William Bazillion, and You

There's a new installment of The Chronicles of William Bazillion up at, in which the official William Bazillion documentary continues along its merry way. Miss it at your peril!

Having been away from the Internet from Thursday night until earlier this afternoon, I'm sure that just about everyone in Portland has beaten me to the punch in covering Stumptown, but here's my take on the show, for what it's worth:

west coast!

Just a reminder that Raina and I will be at Stumptown Comics Fest in Portland Oregon this weekend!

Also attending:
Scott McCloud, Craig Thompson, Nick Gurewitch, Neil Babra, Derek Kirk Kim, Graham Annable, Scott C, Erika Moen, Dylan Meconis, and a billion other people I ship.

Head West Young Webcomicker!

This weekend in Portland, Oregon -- it's the Stumptown Comics Fest!

Guestastic guests include: Scott McCloud, Nick Gurewitch, Neil Babra, Derek Kirk Kim, Graham Annable, Scott C, Erika Moen, Dylan Meconis, Dave Roman & Raina Telgemeier