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Wes Molebash

Comix Talk for Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So I am trying to find time to work on two longer stories -- one on the transition of comics to the Internet.  Something with a larger perspective than a claustrophobic comics industry approach.  Second on the kerfuffle last week about a webcomics iPad app.  Lauren Davis wrote a legal analysis of RSS feeds and other aspects of the webcomics IPad that while not wrong, presented the issues as if they were settled. (Lauren's piece is worth reading - just read it as one possible answer to the issues.)  They're not and it's actually something I know a lot about (and know enough experts to round it out) but it'll take time to do the research (legal analysis requires CITES, folks!).  In the meantime...

Monday Morning Hype

Check out the new webcomic from Wes Molebash, Max vs Max.  Style-wise it appears to be a successor to his last webcomic, You'll Have That (for a recap of past work, check out this interview from earlier this year with Wes).

Strewth! from Josh Way certainly has a funny first comic (although just barely injected enough needed life into the now completely shark-jumped, shattered the fourth-wall trope of a first comic being about the fact that it is the first comic of the webcomic).  Nice art, decent pacing -- impossible to judge after one comic but I for one, will be back to check more out.

Not sure I'm hyping this or not - AMC made a remake of the classic teevee series The Prisoner and also made a comic to accompany it.  I am probably going to read it but messing with such a classic program makes me a bit nervous...

Mid Ohio Comic Con 2009

AlboneMe and Sabrina

Strip Features

Muppet Robin HoodWow. Take a deep breath and dive in with me.

Wes Molebash Back With New Comic

Wes Molebash has started a new comic called Myron and Charlie.  The creator of the now concluded You'll Have That has been on hiatus since last November.

76 Days Until President Obama Appoints the New Secretary of Webcomics

Wes Molebash is ending You'll Have That.  He's going to wrap it all up on January 2, 2009 and will debut a new comic in February. (h/t FLEEN)

The comic strip Opus ended with main character Opus escaping to the children's book Goodnight Moon.  Uh, okay...   LA Times blog has a post with an interview with Breathed hereTom Spurgeon also links to this recent interview with Breathed on the comics in general.

Dirk Deppey writes extensively today about the problems daunting an online sales model for comics that incorporates existing offline retail outlets.  He's responding to an earlier post on the subject by Tom Spurgeon.

I've seen several posts about the revamp of United Media's website  Here's Tom Spurgeon's take on things; here's Alan Gardner's take.

Another interview with Chris Hallbeck of The Book of Biff (we had an interview with Chris here on ComixTalk last month).

An interview (audio) with writer of many webcomics, T Campbell.

Am I missing something?  Is there any reason to get excited about Peanuts pseudo-animations for the cell phone screen?

The Escapist writes about humor sites and webcomics.  A lot of good links in there.

Darrin Bell's Toon Talk forum has moved to a new location.

Sequential Artists’ Pub #8 Posted

I’m pretty late with the updates, just because I wanted to take some time off this weekend. Our 8th Sequential Artists’ Pub show focused on Print on Demand, handling interviews with the media (and how to score an interview with the media), the do’s and don’ts of setting up a webcomic website, followed by more top picks from our roundtable of cartoonists.

Webcomic Wire - 9/2/08

Drawn from sources that were up late drawing last night…

Scott McCloud introduces new Chrome browser from Google with comics the language he knows so well.
Xerexes has a review of the second Crying Macho Man collection.
Wes Molebash has updated the YHT website.
A little late to the party on this one but Chris Straub started another [...]

Monday News Bytes!

A  few quick plugs and shout-outs on this Monday (Labor Day) morning:

New "You'll Have That" Website!

Hey Everybody!  It's Wes Molebash, creator of the webcomic You'll Have That.  I have recently decided to part ways with my publisher, Viper Comics, in favor of self-publishing my comic strip.  Today, Sept. 1, marks the first day that my comic will be exclusively published online at!  I'm really excited about this move toward self-publishing, and I've got several things in the works for the following year including more con appearances, a new YHT book, and a graphic novel project!