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Thanks to Caleb Sevcik for this month’s cover art!  Caleb is the first artist to do 2 covers for ComixTalk.  Here’s more news for Tuesday:

From DRAWN! — Dave Gibbons, artist on the Watchmen, uses Manga Studio to digitally draw the character Rorschach.

Erfworld artist Jamie Noguchi demonstrates some techniques in "digital painting".  Cool stuff!

Part one and part two of Daily Cross Hatch’s interview with PBF creator Nick Gurewitch.

Over at Panel and Pixel, a thread asking what is the optimal update schedule and tips on how to market your webcomic.

Pop Syndicate has an article on the threat to brick and mortar stores from digital comics publishing.

Scott "Dilbert" Adams writes a blog post on how hyper-localism might "save" newspapers (not really – Adams is really advising people in newspapers to start  "hyper-local" community portals as a new business plan.  Not sure Adams is offering anything new to the already vigorous discussion on how a focus on local community is a newspaper’s core function and it’s potential future).  Not sure I would have linked to it except Scott Kurtz pops up in the comments chiding Adams for clinging to the newspaper model for Dilbert.  I think Kurtz missed it there – Adams only seems to be offering an idea to provoke discussion, something he does quite often on his blog.  I doubt Adams, personally is all that stressed about newspapers since Dilbert has already made it in the larger pop culture in a way very few comics ever do.  Even if newspapers disappear tomorrow, Dilbert will do as well or better than almost any comic out there.

Anyone tried out the iPhone app for comics called ComicZeal?  Thoughts?  While I’m thinking of small screens, here’s a link to coverage of an SXSW panel covering comics on handhelds. (h/t Brigid who covers lots more handheld stories in this post)

Tom Spurgeon – the Comics Reporter – writes about the webcomics he is currently reading.


FROM DRAWN! — Justine Lai’s series of oil paintings depicting herself "in flagrante delicto" with each US president – NSFW

Another great link from DRAWN! – a video showing the evolution of the Batman logo.


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