Creature Feature Comics: Update

Creature Feature Comics has put up a site with its new look and feel. In addition, a preliminary list of creators has been posted:

A new online epic, The Pallor Knights, by Chad Welch and Shelley Welch.

GAAK: Groovy Ass Alien Kreatures, written and created by Darryl Hughes and brought to life by artist Monique MacNaughton.

Bill Duncan, of Japanimation Fist and Zombilly Picture Stories fame, brings the Zombilly-spinoff Tales from Monster Hollow.

Lucas Phelps contributes his atomically mutated cockroach Skritch.

Thomas E. Redd, Jr. and Forrest Young team up for the vampiric tales of Stephen the Agnostic.

More to be announced soon, as we keep going through submissions. Keep them coming!