Curse of ComixTALK

Neither alive nor dead, ComixTALK lumbers on.  Fire? Fire, bad!!!


iWEBCOMICS:  So Apple made a big education announcement recently that included new tools for making iBooks. Richard Stevens took it as an opportunity to release a batch of his Diesel Sweeties comics as an ibook. I'm not going to add much educated analysis of Apple's new iBook standards in general since I haven't had time to wrap my brain cells around the technical, business and copyright issues of it.

BOOK 'EM DANNO: Free Mars, a webcomic I've been a fan of for quite sometime has signed with Ape Entertainment. Ape will publish a collection in July, which will be available in print and in digital on iVerse's Comics + iOS app.  If you haven't read this one, check it out. Lovely artwork, a fun story.

MORE HYPE: The Situation is all kinds of creepy weird goodness (h/t Lauren Davis).  Get you there to read it and while you're there, remind yourself that Tor Publishing posts some pretty amazing webcomics to its website.

DEAR DIARY: Lauren Davis collects 17 journal webcomics worth paging through furtively.

MAILBAG: Greg Carter writes that the next LOVE IS IN THE BLOOD story is starting up on Valentine's Day! Art on the next story will be from Gina Biggs.  I have to admit I have not read this yet, but Greg has been crafting quality webcomics for sometime now so I have it bookmarked!


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