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Customized Essay Auction for Child's Play

Penny Arcade's Child's Play Charity Drive is going strong, but there's still more we can all do. I've put an auction up on eBay for Child's Play, selling one of my customized essays. All proceeds, of course, go to Child's Play. (Read more for more details)

XEREXES: Phil Kahn blogs regularly on webcomics at I'm Just Saying

Here's the breakdown.


You get a full essay, 2-4 pages (Hey, I can only expound so much on one topic), on any topic you choose. Webcomics, Movies, Video Games, The world at large, you neighbor’s cat, anything you want. In any form you like, first person experience, short story, review, script, poem, anything (although I’ll say up front that I’m not the most skilled poet in the world).

You can use this to promote your own work, spread the word about a cause, waste everyone in the world’s time, whatever you want. It’s yours.


Personal attacks on any person, group, or anything of the like. This is in the spirit of charity, so let’s keep it positive, eh?

All proceeds, of course, go to Child's Play. The auction lasts for 7 days, so don't wait too long!