Dave, this webcomic can serve no purpose anymore. Goodbye.

A moment of silence for the passing of a great writer and visionary: Arthur C. Clarke.  I can still remember picking up books from him and Ray Bradbury at a very young age (7?) and while not completely understanding everything I read, being overwhelmed by the sense of imagination, and of possibility.  I think my favorite Clarke novel was/is Rendezvous With Rama in part because it was a great fit for me when I read it (middle school I recall) but also for the sweep of it.


Journalista! catches an interview with Gods and Undergrads creator Monica Gallagher.

Journalista! catches an interview with Fart Party creator Julia Wertz.


Gary Tyrrell covered the webcomics panel at the recent SPLAT confab (FLEEN had a more general post on SPLAT here) in New York City with an extensive write-up on the more interesting comments from the panelists: Dean Haspiel, Raina Telgemeier, Rich Stevens, Ted Rall, and Collen Venable.



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