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A look back at other things from the past:


The Perry Bible Fellowship collection – The Trial of Colonel Sweeto – was publisher Dark Horse’s third webcomic-to-print success (following Megatokyo  and Penny Arcade ). Story here.


A review of the well-received play based on the webcomic Get Your War On from the Washington Post. 


ComixTALK had an interview with Mike Rojas, creator of Natch Evil; a review of Jack, created by David Hopkins; and T Campbell discussed how to make action move in webcomics (Part One and Part Two).

Erik Melander’s Through the Looking Back Glass column covered the recent events in webcomics:

September held a number of news items which are worth mentioning. First and foremost, the Webcomic Telethon collected an impressive amount of money for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The Penny Arcade Expo returned for its second year, this time bigger and with more media coverage. Keenspot is working towards fulfilling its plans announced at Comic-Con. Keen announced that they have signed with Fox Television to develop Owen Dunne’s webcomic You Damn Kid! for television. And both Keenspot and Modern Tales are looking for advertising sales representatives.


Comixtalk had an interview with Eric Milikin, creator of Fetus X.



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