This Day In ComixTALK: August 20, 2010

Another trip in the webcomic wayback machine:


The secret of Kate Beaton's webcomic origins revealed! The mystery of Shaenon Garrity's self-publishing saga uncovered! Plus links to Brigid Alverson on TokyoPop's online presence and Cory Doctorow on why e-publishing has to be part of a writer's strategy.


I interviewed Clint Hollingsworth (creator of The Wandering Ones) and Barry T. Smith (creator of InkTank).


Lewis Powell began a week of guest blogging at ComixTalk. Among other topics, Lewis wrote about Eric Burn's post on fan appropriation of the ending of For Better of For Worse.


Guest blogger Lisa Jonte wrote about the subtle art of rejection.


We linked to the Journey Into History blog's review of Vir Bonus, the unfinished webcomic from former ComixTalk blogger Giant Panda.  The next day Eric Burns wrote a Feeding Snarky column about pr0n comics.


The manga webcomic anthology site, Wirepop, celebrated its first year anniversary and Keenspot moved its headquarters to Cresbard, South Dakota.


Joey Manley wrote about The Comics Journal forum notice of Drew Weing's webcomic Pup.  I think most of those TCJ-era links are shot (this one is) which is too bad. Drew has posted a not-complete archive of Pup strips at his website,   Be sure to check out Drew's current webcomic and book, Set To Sea and say hi to him at SPX this fall.


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