DC’s Wednesday Comics: Worth $4?

Todd Allen takes a look at DC Comics new big format comics on newsprint for $4 experiment, Wednesday Comics.  I think the gist of it is interesting comics, shame it’s printed on newsprint. 

One thing I caught in his piece though that brought back memories was this:

This reminds me, more than anything else, of a more avant-garde version of Action Comics Weekly.  Yes, that Action Comics Weekly.  The last weekly anthology from DC also featured Superman, Green Lantern and Deadman.  It had an espionage strip in the Secret Six (possibly my favorite from the run).  An adventure strip with Blackhawk.  Action’s weekly incarnation mixed it up a little.

That anthology approach in Action Comics Weekly started and ended in the one time I was a regular customer of a comics book store.  I really liked that book.  I loved the idea of the book.  I was disappointed when it was cancelled.


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