Devil’s Panties Monthly Comic Book Debuts

Moving against the trend of print to web, Jennie Breeden launched a monthly comic book version of her popular webcomic, Devil's Panties.

On her blog, Breeden writes about the launch and concerns with the new Diamond minimums policy:

I've got a comic book coming out. A real life, wasn't printed at kinko's, major distribution comic book. It's going to be in comic book stores. everywhere. well, everywhere that orders them. that's the katch.

So diamond (the company that distributes ALL comic books) has this new policy. If there arn't enough comics pre-orderd by comic shops then they won't distribute the comic book. good god is that a pain in the ass. so if you want to order one and don't have a comic shop around go to and order one. Go to a comic shop and say you want Devils Panties printed by Silent Devil publishing company.

and here's another thing; it's a monthly book. you can already order the second book due out in March. The first book was in december previews, second one is in january previews, and the third book will be available for pre-order before the first book is even in stores yet. oh yes, this is going to be interesting. First devils panties book is going to be in comic shops February (if you pre-order it)
it's a 48 page comic $4.95 and it's compleately new, never before seen art. I've re-drawn all the online comics, re-vamped them, and thrown in comics that never made it to the online strip. There's new characters, more Wookie and paper dolls and two pages of aditional information about the comics.

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