Digital comics gallery show in Portland, Oregon

Pushdot Studio, a gallery dedicated to archival-quality prints of digital art located in Portland, Oregon, is showing for the month of July “The Art of Storytelling: Comics in the Digital Age,” a collection of work by seven cartoonists who either publish on the web, or use a computer to create their work.

The cartoonists are Christopher Baldwin, Barry Deutsch, Indigo Kelleigh, Jenn Manley Lee, Robert Lewis, Linda Medley, and Kevin Moore. Jenn Manley Lee, who curated the show, has more details in a post to her journal.

Pushdot Studio is located at 830 NW 14th Avenue between NW Kearney and Johnson Streets, in Portland’s Pearl District. The show opens Thursday, 3 July, with a reception from 6 – 9 pm.