Dilbert Instructions, Part 2

Basic Instinct By Scott Meyer

Last week, I wrote a bit about Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert) blogging about mentoring Scott Meyer (creator of Basic Instructions) towards newspaper syndication. I was as interested in the bits Adams wrote about his perceptions of the risk and rewards of webcomics versus newspaper syndication as the actual advice he was giving to Meyer.

There’s more at Adams’ blog this week. First, a post with a message from Meyer thanking Adams’ fans for all of their feedback (reported as mostly positive) and second, more mentoring from Adams. Adams this time drills down a bit on what he means by a comic having a theme (part of his advice to Meyer was to have Basic Instructions have a "relationship" theme to it) and it’s probably great advice for having a successful webcomic. What he’s getting at is not so much putting oneself in a creative straight-jacket as offering some thoughts on how to develop what your comics stands for to its readership (in the case of Dilbert itself Adams says his readers helped him figure out it was about the cubicle workers’ view of the office).


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