Diva Lea Update

I just wanted to post a short update on Lea Hernandez who lost everything in a housefire – thankfully her family was safe. She's back online and it looks like humanity (especially the comic-creatin' Texas variety) gets some good karma this week for helping out the Diva Lea in a time of need. Check out the Cape Day 2.5 Benefit for the Hernandezes.

I haven't heard otherwise so I believe you can still help out by

  1. donating through paypal (details at Websnark)
  2. buying an original Narbonic strips for $25 each (half the usual price) which creator Shaenon Garrity will donate to Lea Hernandez. (You can email Garrity at narbonic@sbcglobal.net to let her know which strip you want.)


Xaviar Xerexes

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