DivaLea Show # 6: Donna Barr

In this episode of The DivaLea Show, Joey and Lea review the comics they bought, or chose not to buy, this week (the latest issues of Finder, Birds of Prey, Sentinel, Beware the Creeper, Batgirl: Year One, and Bagge’s Sweatshop), and then discuss Mark Waid’s firing, which leads to a debate on the ethics of Work-for-Hire.

Guest Donna Barr explains how she knows her ass is worth exactly $300 in seat-covers, talks about all her latest projects, gives a verbal tour of The Midnight Library, and talks about how she’s using a carefully structured blend of webcomics, traditional offset printing, and Print-on-Demand to keep her readers happy.

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Joey Manley

Joey Manley (b.1965–d.2013) was the author of the novel The Death of Donna-May Dean (1992), entrepreneur, and founder of Modern Tales and WebcomicsNation. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joey_Manley