Xaviar Xerexes

Wandering webcomic ronin. Created Comixpedia (2002-2005) and ComixTalk (2006-2012; 2016-?). Made a lot of unfinished comics and novels.


  1. Nah, I’m sure you’re not the only one, just part of a relatively small minority.

    Comics fans are an opinionated lot and there is no universal pleaser. One need only read sample issues of THE COMICS JOURNAL, COMICS BUYER’S GUIDE and WIZARD to prove that. If you don’t enjoy what we’ve got to offer– it’s a big Internet, and I’m sure you’ll find better luck elsewhere.

    But Graphic Smash’s launch has been quite successful. The readers are there. The subscribers are there. The fan mail is positive. And the creators are making me proud.

    Any third parties who are checkin’ out this thread are welcome to stop on by and check it out for yourself. We’ve got ginger ale in the back.

  2. Graphic Smash as much replaced Adventures Strips as did Girlamatic. Meaning it didn’t. Oh gosh, just like that I spoke truer words than your friend, just by reading out loud what I just wrote! Because it’s truth, not opinion! Gosh!

    I laugh most comics off the shelves, period. Wait, no I don’t. I ignore them and just buy the ones I like and don’t get all envious that such and such book is all hyped while I think it’s awful. *cough* Envious.

    Also, to give you something to chew on for “built-in audiences”, I get 4 or 5 thousand people reading my other comic, Eat The Roses, per DAY. If that’s not a built in audience, I don’t know what is. And that’s a comic that (as is) would pain me to see for sale, unlike what I do for Graphic Smash. 4 or 5 thousand, mind you. And I’m updating once a week. And that’s not just me, many other comics are bringing an audience with them, but if you dismissed them all so quickly, you probably didn’t look around to see that.

    Artwork is one thing, but to say none of the comics on GS has a killer story is a pretty loose claim, considering most of these comics have just begun and consequentially have no story yet and are just in the introduction phase. I happen to think that ‘Gun Street Girl’ has one of the best stories and writing I’ve seen online ever and easily outclasses with the mangled “written by comittee” garbage in the typical print book.

  3. You are (that’s you are, aka “you’re”, not “your”) equating your (that’s “your” as in belonging to “you”) own taste with that of general public, the comics reading public, and people with paypal who like to pay for some comics.

    Unless you contain more than one person inside you with a credit card, your criticism of “taste” falls flat.

    Diamonds don’t form in cesspools.

    Athena Voltaire is a decent comic with fantastic art, but a very typical plot and the main character causes too much eye rolling on my part. That’s MY taste. My taste doesn’t dictate ignoring comics based on the fact the main character is a wombat or whatever. I’m not so superficial that I don’t allow for the possibility that a grand combination of art and writing can pop up anywhere.

    Also, I never said my thousands of readers would all jump on board my GS comic. First of all, it’s a very different kind of comic, second of all, not many of them have credit cards. I used that example to show that there were other comics on GS that had followings BESIDES Fans, because you had criticized that. But I guess you didn’t get that, you just wanted another straw to grasp at.

    Listen, you can’t say T has bad taste just because it’s different from yours, just as you can’t say a comic is bad because it’s about a wombat. Neither follows. You also predict doom based on your own opinion. Do you dislike PvP, or Keenspot comics? Are they going to fail because you don’t like them? And of course you didn’t respond to how you can say all these comics are awful based on introductions and a very limited amount of comics. When Vigilante, Ho! updates tommorrow, it will be a grand 8 pages long. 8 pages is a good indicator of whether or not a comic will appeal to you, but not a good indicator of crapness, ESPECIALLY in a long format story based comic.

  4. Small minority, huh? Who is Graphic Smash successful with? The Talkaboutcomics minions who worship and brown nose all things Modern Tales in a cult like manner?

    Readers and subscribers? I’d like to see the numbers on that. I’m sure they’re Enron like.

    Fan mail? What? From more talkaboutcomics worshippers and well wishers? Most of whom make up the great majority of creators on Graphic Smash in the first place. Talk about stacking the deck.

    “The creators are making me proud”. Your their editor, how can your public stance be anything but. I mean, after all–Your responsible for that crap.

    “Ginger Ale?” You’d better start giving out lap dances, my friend.

  5. First of all, it’s “You’re”, not “Your”. It’s really hard to take someone seriously, or even as less than insane or purposefully appearing so, who cannot get that right.

    No one who subscribed to Graphic Smash for the comic “Vigilante, Ho!” had subscribed to a Modern Tales comic before, at least of those who told me. I’d bet, without knowing the numbers but having talked to a bunch of people, that a sizable chunk of the readers aren’t MT converts or talkaboutcomics minions. (What is a TAC minion anyway? It’s a FORUM. And it’s not the TCJ forum, either.)

    Most of the creators have had nothing to do with talkaboutcomics or Modern Tales before. There’s some weird and random stuff on there, but I guess you base your opinion of comics on their forums…

    -Meaghan, not logged in, not QUITE anonymous.

  6. You know what? “Adventure strips” should be rolling over in it’s grave at having been replaced by this garbage. At least it tried new things. Had killer stories and artwork. None of which Graphic Smash has.

    Furthermore, if there were such high expectations for Graphic Smash with it’s publisher and editor (as they claimed) why’d they have to stack the decks in it’s favor by bringing several of T. Campbell’s very popular comics and sticking them on Graphic Smash? If the comics on Graphic Smash are so great, why stack the decks with a built in audience? Why not let them go it alone? I’ll tell you why. Because comics like “Vigilante, Ho”, “Digger” (wombats, no less), and the great majority of the others weren’t going to make anybody want to pay a plug nickel for Graphic Smash. That’s why. To quote a friend of mine after seeing Graphic Smash, “These comics would be laughed off of comic shop shelves”. Truer words were never spoken

  7. 4 thousand people, huh? Try charging them a Bitpass buck and see if they still show up. Of course you have 4 thousand people reading your free comic. IT’S FREE!!! People will read anything for free. If Bin Laden made a comic for free somebody would read it–At least once.

    Gun street girl, you say? So what does that translate too? If you wade through a cess pool long enough your bound to find a diamond? Yeah, okay. But your still neck deep in crap.

    What world do you live in where you could possibly think that a comic the type and quality of Athena Voltaire could be replaced by wombat and cockroach comics? My god. If this is the best T. Campbell had to choose from I’d hate to see the “passed overs”.

    I wouldn’t expect you to agree that Adventurestrips was a better site than Graphic Smash with MUCH BETTER comics to choose from because your on Graphic Smash. Adventurestrips didn’t suffer from lack of quality (like Graphic Smash does) it suffered from a poor update schedule and an even poorer job at advertising itself to the comic reading public. All things that could AND SHOULD have simply been fixed. Better updating. More advertising. Better business.

    But my Graphic Smash friend, if a site the type and quality of Adventurestrips can be cast aside at the first signs of trouble, how do you think that testament to T.Campbell’s bad taste known as Graphic Smash will fair when it springs a leak? Life jacket, anyone?

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