Do You Hear What the Webcomic Is Cooking?


ComicMix talks to Chris Hastings of Dr McNinja.

Eric Burns profiles Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics.


The Comics Reporter has an overview and a lot of links to the recent TokyoPop restructuring.


This looks cool – Mitch Clem is doing some comics for a print series:

I have about fifty more of these fully inked. It’s a new series I’ve been working on called "Something Great", which will be my first foray into creating a direct-to-print comic strip series (as opposed to a webcomic, which I already have too many of). Five per issue have been running in Razorcake, so you’ll see those too once new issues come out, as usual. Otherwise, patience is your best hope for ridiculousness.


Chris Williams listens to comics podcasts so you don’t have to… unless you really want to!


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